2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love me a good deal!

Our barn owner is getting a bunch of tack together for the Canby tack sale this month so we have a bunch of tack in our riders room and we get first dibs!. Since I got to the barn semi early today for pony and my trail ride date with Alanna and Roz I figured I would go take a peak, knowing I dont need to be spending money! What do I find? A used but in pretty great condition set of 4 Eskadron open front and hind fetlock boots for 7 bucks! For all of them! Ummm.... SOLD! They obviously wont work for pony but they will for Tolo and worst case I use them while I can and re sell them. I was pretty excited so obviously Tolo had to try them out today.
Rockin his new boots after a great ride!

Pretty cute dude if you ask me :)

Pony thinks that when I take his brothers blanket off in the pasture and carry it that it is potentially the most terrifying thing in the entire world! In his stall, in the barn, or basically anywhere else I can throw the thing at him and he doesnt move but in the pasture it is most definitely out to get him. Its pretty funny watching this 1300 lb "bomb proof" horse snorting and running from a blanket he wears all winter!

He has also started getting his winter coat. Along with that comes these massive butt hairs. Attractive aint it?!

It was a beautiful day for a trail ride and although pony was sure the hills were the death of him it was a great 4.5 mile ride! We definitely need to make it a once a week thing. Walking the hills is great work for both of them!

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