2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So besides the fact that I am getting sick (huge downfall of working at a daycare.... respiratory stuff going around) which happens this times every.single.year. Today was a great day! After doing barn chores this morning I was a semi bad student and stayed at home to sleep for my morning class. I didnt feel like driving 25 minutes each way just to have an hour class when my next class was having a lab at a cow barn right by my house. So I slept, went to lunch with my mom, and went to my class after drugging up. Then went out to the barn and had a super nice relaxed almost 4 hour fun day at the barn.

I have a very interested person coming to see Tolo on Saturday so I have been making sure to keep up on riding him. But today I just wanted to play around so I hoped on bareback in his halter and we went on a nice walk outside. Then I had a bright idea to try to do some bridleless stuff with him in the arena. Walk/trot/canter like a piece of cake! He is definitely not nearly as comfortable or easy to ride bareback as pony because of his gates and his withers but he was super good. After some arena work we went on a bridleless walk around the field and down the road with no issues at all.

Its definitely starting to set in that if all goes well on Saturday he could be leaving very soon. It is VERY bitter sweet. I am actually pretty sad to have to sell him again as we really do have a special bond together but sadly money trees have not been discovered yet and Pony is never going anywhere, ever. In reality I am too big for Tolo and he is hard for me to ride balance wise. In the long run it will be better for both of us for him to find the perfect home with someone he can trust and will have the time to devote just to him.

Pony has been great, as always! Last night when I was jumping him (just little stuff that was already set up) my stirrup leather, that I clearly dont check often, broke and my stirrup went flying! Luckily he was super good and pulled right up. Good news is that with all the Canby tack sale stuff at our barn ready for the weekend I found a nice pair for 10 bucks that will get us by. Alanna and I were both discussing how once day we are going to drop the big bucks and get nice leathers. We have always bought used ones but a nice pair of soft new ones that wont leave marks on our saddle are a dream of ours :) We were laughing how we both have nice expensive horses yet have never bought a pair of new  leathers. A couple things I have decided im going to get/do if Tolo sells are to get some body clippers (he gets clipped 2x a winter every winter and I have been lucky enough to borrow Alannas), the whole line of Equifuse product, and have a saddle fitter come out to look at his dressage saddle/help me make a mold and take measurements so I can start keeping my eye out for a new jump saddle! Along with those I also want to do a lesson every other week for a couple months to really get us going. Its all jumping the gun obviously but just a few things I would love to be able to do :)


  1. Fingers crossed for good news for Tolo this weekend!

  2. Crossing my fingers for Tolo too!

    When you do decide to get leathers, may I recommend custom made Gary Mundy leathers? They will only run you about $55 and with your initials on the tails and everything. He lives near me but makes custom leathers, belts, collars etc for English equestrians all over the county. No website or anything, just word of mouth.

    Also, you don't already take weekly lessons? I'm impressed! You have been making so much progress, I thought you were at least taking weekly lessons. That's awesome!

    1. I will definitely keep your guy in mind! 55 isnt bad either!

      And no I WISH I took weekly lessons! Im on the once a month or so plan. My trainer actually rode him for our last one so I havent had one since end of July. Luckily we have one on Monday!