2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little by little

We had a great lesson tonight! It always seems that the days before our lesson things seem to 'fall apart' so its nice to know that one is coming soon, it happened this week to so I was VERY happy to have one tonight! I know that a lot of it is me but it doesnt make it any easier. Although our leg yields have been getting better we hit a wall with them early this week and so I was feeling frustrated with that, so it was definitely something I wanted to work on tonight. I found out that I really need to prepare him a LOT better going onto the center line and get him really engaged in his hind end so he isnt just plowing around on his forehand, making it really hard to do a good leg yield. We got a lot of good cross overs behind tonight. I havent gotten him to keep a good leg yield for the whole length but we are getting closer and I now have more things to work on in hopes of getting even better.
I always feel SO much better after a lesson but I know that we still have a ways to go. Alanna and I were talking tonight about how I think our expectations are a lot higher then others because we have been around and seen some very nice upper level horses so when I dont feel like we are looking fantastic I think the only other way we could look is terrible! Really I think getting a 55 % (qualifying score for championships) wont be an issue but its just all the unknowns that are getting me nervous! I havent ever really been nervous for a show this much. Ever since we have started with Teacher Mary I have learned so so so much and actually understand dressage more so I expect more out of my horse and I. I definitely banking on some cute points though, I dont think they will be hard to get when you look at good as my guy does though :)

On the Sky front... Someone I know has a friend that is looking for some nice TB broodmares and that would give her a good home. Im torn on this. I would LOVE to keep in contact with whoever gets her. I told the lady I know that I would give her away to a great person (with the terms that I get her back if they ever need to get rid of her). She said if I gave her to the lady that I could get a foal out her. Which actually doesnt sound bad, maybe next year or the year after. Then I could have my adorable mini draft pony and a bigger one that could maybe go further in eventing. On the flip side being a broodmare for the rest of her life? I dont know, maybe if she just got to hang in a pasture with other horses and get loved on she would be happy. I just want whats best for her and feel like the perfect home IMO will never come along because of her previous injury. So is this second best? Who knows... my friend is giving her friend my number. We will see where it goes.

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