2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 2, 2012

He loves his Teacher Mary

Yup, he really does! He says:
I love my Teacher Mary. She gives me lots of cookies and she pets me and tells me im so cute and she also makes my mom ride me lots and lots better so I dont have to be going around all embarrassed because my mommy doesnt know what she is doing. I mean we all know that everyone is looking at me anyways!
Love Mystic Pony

We had a great lesson last night. Definitely got some things to work on but we have gotten better in some areas we have really been working on also! Our leg yields are slowly but surely coming along and he is getting much easier to ride in general tracking right (his hard side, yay!). We obviously wont 'fix' all our problems in a week but I am going to really work on riding into my corners and using the short side wall like it is a wall and not cut it off so we can have a more accurate test. I also need to keep working on my left rein that I like to take too much contact with. I have been working hard on it and have gotten better but its still hard at the canter for me. Another thing is I really need to help him out more when preparing for our lenthenings so we are not just running across the diagonal because I didnt get him pushing from his hind end.

Im really excited for the show to see what kind of marks and comments we get. I know we have lots of work to do in first level still but I still feel confident that if I can ride a solid accurate test with him that we will do well!

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