2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Adorable? I think yes.

My little toy/mini aussie got an adorable coat today! It was on major sale at Wilco for only $8!
Iz a little bit hyper all the time and not very smart but my mummy sayz she still luvs me!!
Along with that I got a gallon of this special shampoo that my Aunt and Uncle used in Bend that worked really well on their guys. It is normally like 30 something dollars and I got it for 9 on clearance! I spent 18 bucks and saved over 50 on 2 items! I would say that is pretty good for not planning on getting any of those things.

Adorable thing number 2 of the day? My mom got her early birthday present today. She ruined the whole cute surprise I had but whats new? So meet dog #6 (crazy hoarders? I think so...) Jinx a 5-6 month old mutt :)
Adorable thing #3?
Last August getting ready for a horse show!
Going out to see this adorable face :) If you can look at him without smiling you need therapy. I washed his feather with my new shampoo and it looked even whiter then it did after last weekends washing which is a great sign. Then we went on a 45 minute bareback trail ride in the forest as the weather was super nice. Ride times come out tomorrow, CANT WAIT! Tomorrow he gets his face clipped (wiskers, bridle path, goat hairs), on Friday he will get a full head to toe bath and Alanna and I are having a tack cleaning party while we watch Bridesmaids (she still hasnt seen it! Im pretty sure I have watched it 10 times now..!). Then Saturday we head to the show!
Teacher Mary got us a beginning of the show season present, white show gloves! I am going to have to tell Mystics Mama Rhein and Teacher Mary got us a present because then we know he will really be a star at the show so he can show off to his girl friend. Thank you Mary! We will keep you well updated at the show even if we do wish you could be there with us :)

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