2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well that was terrible!

Last night my mom and I went to the Equine Expos opening Extravaganza. We were completely dissapointed. The most entertaining thing of the night was when a magician (no idea why he was there, the whole thing was super strange)  got pooped on by a bird, I lost it. I was cracking up and couldnt stop! No one even told him and he kept on doing his magic trick with a huge white streak across his black hat (he is lucky he was wearing a hat!)! Anyways when we got there they were just starting a Western Vs. Dressage thing with a little quarter horse stud as the reiner and a Frisian stud as the dressage dude. It was bad. Unplanned and the Frisian stud was plain freaked out. The most impressive thing he did was trot in a straight line because the other times he was scooting sideways and spooking. Then there was a drill team. Once again not entertaining it wasnt a fast paced fun looking one. Then there was a interesting theater performance called If Wishes Were Horses. Wow. That is all I could say! I couldnt follow it. They had a wizard dude tell a story then a couple girls came out on Andalusions and Friesens but not many of them were liking riding in the dark and were freaking out. One horse tried to dump its rider like 5 times! The whole thing was super strange and I was very unimpressed! At least today is all about shopping!

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