2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting closer

Got our ride times and we are ready to go for Saturday! Well... except for the whole being clean part :) He was pretty good last night. I think the changes we made in my lesson are REALLY helping! I worked him for 40 minutes and he was pretty tired but still felt like he could do more. I can really tell he is getting in better shape. I also made him look less like a homeless horse and more like a show pony buy clipping his goat hairs and bridle path.
Some people think its weird to give him a day off like 2 days before the show but he really doesnt change at all (unless its a week.. figured that one out! Man on man was he heavy and stiff when I came back!). So he just gets to hang out today and will go back to work for Th/F and show on Saturday then of course he needs another day off since we know he is going to be a star pony at the show!
Friday is also bath/tack cleaning party/Bridesmaids night! I am going to go out to the barn in the morning and give him a short but hopefully sweet ride before hitting the wash rack for about 10 hours it will seem like. Then after work I am going back out to organize all my show stuff, clean all my tack, etc with Alanna! We made it into a party and she is bringing pizza, im bringing drinks, were going to pop Bridesmaids into the tv in our riders room and get it all done in a warm and cozy room at the barn!

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