2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where has time gone??

Wow... looking back on the last week since coming back from the show on Saturday of last weekend I have ridden the pony twice. As in 2 times in a whole week. What is wrong with this picture?! I have him Sunday/Monday off on purpose, rode him Tuesday, Wednesday  he had off, rode him Thursday, got called into work all day Friday and had to get ready for the Canby Tack sale after work, then today I woke up at 4:50 am to head up to Canby for the tack sale (he got a breast collar for his jump saddle..super cute!) and didnt get back till 4 which by then I was ready to pass out in my bed. Considering this is show season and we have lots and lots of work to do I should probably get going! The other thing is that even if I work him all this week I leave for Florida Sunday night (the 25th) and dont get back till April 3rd. So there is another almost week and a half off :/ Definitely NOT complaining about the trip to Florida though. I am way super excited for it! I cannot wait! Hopefully I can con my mom into at least going out and fixing his fair a couple times and hosing his muddy legs off so he doesnt get super gross. Once I get back we will have a week and a half till our next show. I have a feeling we will be cramming as much riding time into that time as possible. Im sure he isnt complaining one bit about his mini vacation but now I know that if things dont go as well at the show it is my fault (it is always my fault with him!).
On a good note he was really very good for the most part the couple times I rode him this week! His leg yields are getting better. He kept trying to lead with his haunches which is weird because he hasnt been and at the show we got that his haunches were lagging to far.  Clearly it is just me and how I ride him to each one, im probably confusing the heck out of him!

I will send my entry in for the show this week. We are sticking with First Level test 1 and First Level test 2 again. Then in May, at the OSU Dressage Team show, we will brave First Level test 3 since we will have to ride that one at Championships (which he only needs 1 more qualifying score for!!!!!!!). The thing I really, really like about Championships is that you only ride one test a day. So one day we will ride First Level test 2 and the next we will ride First Level test 3. I feel like that is the best way to get two solid tests out of him. He is always good even in the second tests of one day but his fuel tank is definitely on empty so we dont get as good of work as we could. Also it will allow us more warm up time prior to the tests since we wont have to worry about wearing them out. At the last show warm up was a huge issue for us as we couldnt school any lengthenings or leg yields before going into the show ring. And we need to practice both beforehand to get anything decent out of him! The good thing about him (amoung everything else perfect about him that is) is that I dont have to worry about him having a week off and being a complete idiot at the show. He will be heavier in the bridle and not as supple, especially to the right, for the first few rides but that is it. So luckily I am not worried about the show at all. He is a solid guy all around :)

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