2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Super Sunday!

The pony was a super start today for our ride! I gave him the day after our lesson off then just took him on a 45 minute bareback trail ride yesterday so we hadnt worked on our lesson learnings until today and man o man if I didnt have a perfect pony!
I tried to really focus on 2 things. 1) keeping track of my left rein and making sure I wasnt pulling with it and 2) not trying to 'package' him up to much and getting him working more from his hind end and getting more correct. That was a big fault of mine recently I think. I was trying to put him together way to much and was I was holding him up with the reins. Today he was very light in the bridle and carrying himself. Everything was much easier! Our leg yields reached the wall from X both ways by the end and our transitions were much better. We also worked on our trot to canter transitions a little. We spiraled in our trot circle and leg yielded out to a bigger circle to ask for the canter and I tried really hard to be firmer with my hands so he could pop his head up in the transition also and we got 2 nice ones, one each way, before I quit. We did a little bit of lengthening on a circle like we did in our lesson and he was awesome! I could push him out and bring him back with just my seat and he didnt bring his head up or fight it at all.
It was just a great ride overall and I was SO happy with him! We kept our ride short and sweet because he was such a star! After we stopped I walked him down the road to cool him out since the weather was nice and sunny. I love my pony :)

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