2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, November 1, 2013

Green Light

Tolo had his vet check today. Normal gut sounds/heart rate/temp/ROM/etc passed hoof testers perfectly and wasnt sore in his back at all. The vet a concerned about his enlarged hind fetlock that he has had since the first day I brought him home. Ugly? Definitely, but it has never bothered him. Lunged great (besides that fact that he drags his hinds a little) but the vet thought he came out a little off on his left hind just slightly (2/5) with all other legs being great. He stated his concern that it had to do with that fetlock (he did pass his flextions 2 years ago). After telling her the slight concern over it he also stated that he seems to be a super nice horse that is otherwise completely healthy and should be suitable for what she wants to do. He also said that finding a horse his age/wear, being a middle aged horse (he is around 9), that would pass flextions 100% fine would be pretty rare.

His new owner was pretty unconcerned with it and asked if it was a bone chip that broke loose if it could be removed to help him and seemed onboard with doing that if thats what it would take which is nice to hear! She has his stall/paddock/pasture all ready and even got all his hay, rice bran, and vitamins ready for him tomorrow. It is super sad for me but she seems really into his well being and building a solid relationship with him. Added bonus is that she lives like 5 minutes away from my dads house up in West Linn and she said I could come see him any time :)

Here is a little bridleless video of him from last night. Only his 2nd bridleless ride!

Pony got the day off yesterday so I could have my last ride on Tolo. And tonight I just took him around bareback and bridleless! He officially has back up down bridle less too which is cool. I didnt really know how to go about teaching it but we figured it out and he picked up on it really fast. I am even getting another boarder to teach her mare bridleless stuff this winter! It is so fun, especially when you feel totally in control!


  1. Congratulations, and good for Tolo, too! He'll get to continue working through the winter, which is good for any of us.