2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blast from the Past

After dropping off Tolo yesterday I got to thinking about all my rescues I have rehabbed and rehomed. It is never easy to know that you cannot go out and see them whenever you want but knowing they are in great homes makes it all easier. Tolo settled in within 2 seconds and was happily grazing in his big lush pasture. He has two minis coming to keep him company so he will have his own little mini herd, how cute! His new mom is super excited!

In honor of Tolos new home here are some fun pictures to look at!
Tolo on the feedlot:
After I first rescued Tolo I got Chia, an ADORABLE Belgian mare that was only about 15.2 hh but seriously built. She was not halter broke and was about 6 years old.
Pic of her in QT just after getting off feedlot. She was caked in mud and had skin issues

She got body clipped, roached her mane and had to cut her tail off because it was so nasty. This was her after a few months!

Possibly one of the coolest horses out there! Wish I could have kept her!
Then came Candy Cane an older 16.2 hh OTTB mare who I sadly had to end up putting down due to severe lameness issues. She was such a sweet mare!
Feedlot pictures

She was in the worst body condition out of all of them
Candy :)
And lastly there was Sky! Some of you may remember her. She is a 16.3hh 8 year old (if I am remembering right!) OTTB mare who raced until a month before I got her. I got her, just like the others, sight unseen and without the knowledge that she had a fractured hip. I had her the longest because of her hip issues but by the end she was sound and being ridden! She is a gorgeous mare!

The week before I got her

The week before I got her

I will thoroughly enjoy being back to just Mystic but look forward to my next project also! It will most likely be quite a bit longer before I get another, which is fine because there is plenty for pony and I to do! But I have already decided that I am going to go find myself a BIG OTTB gelding as a eventing prospect. There is not much that I miss about having a 'normal' horse but the fitness aspect is one that I do! For now I am off to enjoy my perfect little, fat, hard to get fit black and white pony :)


  1. We are always looking forward to the next one, aren't we. :)

  2. How great of you to rescue all these guys! The Belgian is my favorite.

  3. Very cool projects! I had to laugh about the BIG OTTB gelding part. There have been several times that I have wished for something less like a draft pony and more like a racehorse, but then I remember getting bucked off of racehorses and I am content with what I have. :) Someday, though, I'd love a "real" event horse.