2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seriously Smart

Its not like ive been at the barn at all today right? LOL Nope just pretty much lived there! I went and visited him this morning. He was just hangin out eating some hay and came to say hi to me. So I left and went to Albany to go to Coastal. Picked him up a bag of treat, some rubber bands for his hair and a bag of shaving to mix with his pelleted bedding. I then went back to his barn and took more of his stuff over there. I took out his braids as he was rubbing a little bit and brushed him all out. I wasnt going to do much with him today but he really settled in great and acted like he had been there his whole life so I put his bridle on and took him to the arena for some longe lessons! He was super good! He didnt really understand everything that I was asking (although he did know the whoa word from driving!) but tried really hard. He got out onto circles both ways and by the end when I said whoa he wasnt coming to me he was staying out on the circle and would go right back up into the walk when I asked him. He even did some trotting either direction (which he also knew the trot word, thanks to the driving again) and didnt pull on my hands to much, and if he did once he hit the end he came right back onto the circle. Seriously a FAST learner and super willing. I believe with that attitude you can go anywhere! After his longe lesson I just hoped on bareback to walk him out. He was great as usual and we ended our lesson seeing how he would react to me sliding off his butt, yeah he could care less! I love this horse so much!
So I brushed him out, cleaned his stall while he got to roll in the arena then took him outside to graze for 15 or 20 minutes before putting him away. He is such a ham! Loves everything and everyone. If people are there he could care less about food or anything else he just wants to be with you. Here are some pictures from today.
"You expect me to be good for our lesson AND have a good hair day? Lady your crazy!"      

"Ok I can let the hair thing go if you give me a treat!"
"I know im gorgeous but can you please stop staring at me?!"
"I sure do love the grass here!"


  1. What a good boy. Your pictures are super cute.

  2. Yup I am blubbering like a baby. This is so great!!!!!