2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh Bentley...

I am currently house sitting so I haven't had a chance to get my video from JW clinic uploaded due to lack of internet. So I'm waiting to do my day 2 post till I get that up!

Unfortunately I think Bentley was feeling a little left out and decided to let it be known. He had been doing so good last week that I gave him both Thursday and Friday off (he had worked the previous 6 days in a row). I hoped on him Saturday and decided why not ride in the outdoor in my jump tack? The fact that he had been off for two days and I didn't lunge may have been a good why not but he actually held it together quite well! It was our first real ride in the outdoor and to day we were excited at first would be an understatement! There was some minor head flinging and attempted bucks from the get go so after a brief trot I just pushed him into the canter and let him go for a little bit. It wasn't our best ride but I was happy with how he held it together for the most part especially since I didn't exactly set him up the best for the ride. I even hopped him over his first cross rail! He isn't very aware of where his legs are which is not promising but here's to hoping that gets better 😉

When I got back from the clinic on Sunday I pulled him out to ride as we were supposed to have our first lesson together on Monday. His whole inside left front from fetlock to almost his knee was super swollen, hot, and painful to the touch. As I continue to look him over I also noticed his left hind in a similar state along with his right knee. How horse? How?! He got iced, sore no more, wrapped, and put away. The next morning the swelling hadn't gone down at all even after being wrapped for over 12 hours. I decided to play it safe and have the vet out as I needed bute for him anyways. Thankfully the vet thinks it's all superficial. I am icing, wrapping,hand walking, and buting twice a day for 3 days and he gets rechecked on Friday. Got to love horses! It couldn't be worse timing as I am house sitting (with dogs and horses) 45 minutes away from the barn so it will be super long days for me. The things we do for these creatures...


  1. Oh no!! Hope he comes right soon. Glad it's only superficial though.

  2. Surely he didn't do that in his ride Saturday?!?

    1. He wasn't THAT crazy to ride 😉 I'm thinking he got cast in his stall? Who knows!

  3. Oh no! Fingers crossed that he feels better soon :)