2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, November 2, 2012

3 timing my pony

Yup... that is me, the cheating mother! For the last month I have had 4 horses to be working! Of course my usual main man Mystic being one. I am also in a horse training class for my degree and I have been given a Canadian Warmblood mare (3 days a week in class) to work until June. Then once a week I ride a quarter horse gelding for a guy at a barn I work for. And most recently I have taken on working my best friends horse Chevy as she is taking the beginning steps of kicking breast cancers butt. It has been quite fun to progress with all of them actually! Chevy leaves tomorrow for a month of professional training while Alanna (you can visit her blog at: begins her chemo treatment so I will be down to just 3 horses for a little bit.

The pony is still cute as ever! I have new plans for us. In March we want to enter in the All Breed Challenge at the NW Horse expo. You can win $, not to mention it would be super fun and we could debut our bridle-less routine FINALLY! I am also planning on taking him to the extreme trail course this month once it is open to school. Hopefully we will get some fun pictures :)

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  1. I am SO incredibly thankful that you were willing to take on Mr. Chevy for me. I really really appreciate you.