2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just lovin' life!

We had a nice short bareback and bridleless ride tonight. There was a bunch of hammering and sawing going on right by the arena (owners building a little cabin, how cool is that?!) and he was super good about it. Not that I expected any less but he is kind of a shorty and cant see over the wall all that well so I just didnt know what he would think of it. I am going to make my own neck rope and start teaching him more tricks. We have to get ready to win fan favorite at the expo of course :)

Here is a fun little survey people are doing, thought we would give it a shot!

Splurge or save: 

1) saddle: save! Find a good deal on a nice saddle :)
2) board: Find a reasonable price for quality care aka: Never Done Farms where the pony is at!
3) halter: Every pony needs a leather halter! (still need to get his nameplate put on.. whooops!)
4) bit:  save
5) bridle:  Save in some ways. One that isnt too expensive but is pretty and gets the job done
6) saddle pad: I would like to say save but I just LOVE saddle pads and prob spend more on them then I should!
7) trailer: mommy just sold ours :( I need to start saving for one eventually. Wont be saving but not splurging either, a happy medium!

First thing that comes to mind: 

1) Haflinger: freaking adorable
2) Quarter Horse: yup got to go with Alanna... downhill and S.L.O.W
3) Thoroughbred: love them!
4) Warmblood: Someday I will have one
5) Welsh Cob: Alannas next horse! And Cardi of course

This or That:

1) english or western: English
2) tall or short: Either or. Love my little 14.3 hand guy but like the big ones also
3) trail ride or beach ride: Beach all the way, love it!
4) long mane or short mane: Either. Obviously Mystics is long. Just depends on the breed as to what I like
5) hunters or jumpers: Jumpers!  
6) XC or barrel racing: XC no douby
7) outdoor arena or indoor arena: Outdoor
8) trot or canter: Canter
9) canter or gallop: Gallop
10) paddock boots, tall boots, or cowboy boots: Tall boots
11) horse shoes or barefoot: Barefoot! Yay for ponies!
12) saddle or bareback: Depends on the day. I always love a nice bareback day :)

About you: 
1) How long have you been riding? Since I was 5 or 6 (am now 19 you do the math!)
2) Do you own or lease a horse? Own
3) Breed? Age? Height? Name? (if you don’t own or lease, you could talk about your lesson horse) Mystic Prince: Gypsy Vanner, 5 years old, 14.3 hands
4) Do you have any other pets? Of course! A mini aussie named Harley and a mutt named Max
5) If your horse was a person, what kind of voice would they have (you can use a celebrity for an example) Dont know who he would sound like but a deep, ooffy (not a word but if you can get what im saying you will get it!) old man voice that is like "whatever you want mom"

6) Does your horse have a “color”? If so, what is it, and what do you have in that color? Yes! It was blue but now transitioning into red/white/blue
7) Does your horse do any tricks? We started working on bowing so he kind of does it
8) Have you ever dressed your horse up for Halloween?  Nope.

1) Breed? Love me my Vanners! And warmbloods and thoroughbreds
2) Discipline? Eventing/dressage
3) Coat color? Bays with chrome! Black and white isnt too bad either :)
4) Famous horse? Courageous Comet
5) Horse race/competition? Rolex!
6) Brand of tack? Dont really have one
7) Thing to do with your horse?  Beach rides, bridleless work, trail rides, too much to name!

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  1. love the survey thing might have to do it myself glad that you had a good ride :)