2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Today we moved Tolo up to NDF where he will stay, until the weather gets bad again, as a pasture boarder. We are totally full but our barn owner was nice enough to let him just stay in the big gelding pasture all the time. I was interested to see how he would load, unload and just how he would act in a new place (he has been there once before prior to me selling him/his eye issue). He walked right into the trailer, BACKED out (one good thing coming out of his blindness! He would not EVER back out of a trailer. It honestly terrified him), and was his normal chill self. I ran out and grabbed the pony from the pasture and ponied Tolo around our big hay field and in the arena. He was awesome! Just how I would have expected him to act when I owned him the first time. Mystic was even more of a star because he put up with Tolo playing bumper cars with him!

After giving him a quick brush (spa day tomorrow!) I took my boys out to the pasture. There are 4 other gelding in the pasture besides my two, one of which has been with Tolo previously, so turned them loose and watched as they figured out their dynamics. After a little squealing, a lot of smelling, and a little showing off they were all peacefully grazing together. He gets his shoe back on tomorrow as he pulled it after only 2 weeks. Needless to say I picked him up some pull on bell boots today (along with a new turnout sheet for pony. They were an extra 30% off their sale price and I got a cute red and blue one for 50 bucks!). After he gets his shoe on tomorrow he goes to work! Will be fun to progress with him.

Roz and Tolo :) They were best friends back in the beginning and they totally remembered each other!

Good ponies!

Mystic and Tolo!

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