2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bye, bye summer

Yup, I think our summer weather is officially gone. We have been having an awful pouring down rain, super windy storm for the last few days and I am not a fan!

While riding pony yesterday 3 or 4 giant branches got ripped off the trees right outside the arena. Have I mentioned recently how much I love my horse?! Maybe he was so focused on being a super dressage pony that he didnt really mind (we were killing a leg yield to shoulder in at the time) but he twitched a little and went on with work with no issues. His collected canter is getting so nice and easy to ride. Well besides me using all the muscles that exist in my legs! I dont think we are making as good of progress on our trot half passes but im positive that im not getting myself positioned correctly. Tracking right I really tend to sit to the outside (well both ways!) which is throwing him off so im really working on trying to sit more even. Obviously this is easier said then done! Another thing I have started doing more again is working on my sitting trot. I warm him up and get him working posting before I move to the sitting trot and even after just a few days really working on it I feel like it is getting easier. Its definitely not like riding a bike! Those muscle leave the minute you stop using them. Besides the fact that I have to sit all my tests from now on it really works your abs too (not to mention pony would really appreciate it if I wasnt flopping around on top of him)!

Tolo has been a little more up since the weather went crazy and the temp dropped quite a bit. Not bad but not sure I would want to be on him with trees falling down so I opted to just have a little arena play time with him yesterday. He is really hard for me to ride after riding pony for all this time. Tolo is very sensitive and does not like contact. I am definitely all on board with 'heavier' horses! He is improving and doing great still. Alanna is coming out to get some current video today and hopefully a nice picture so I can list him on Dreamhorse. I will post it once I get it all edited and such.