2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Down Time

This week I have been really bad about riding the boys. Between work, being exhausted, and a giant thunder/lightening storm I only rode a couple days. Yesterday I was finally going to ride both of them after work when Tolo had to come in without a shoe (of course!). He is due to be done and it was wet from our storm but it still puts a hold on riding him! So lucky for pony until Tolo gets his toes done its pony torture only :) I think I am going to jump him some today! Got to take advantage of the jumps being set up outside while we can. Can you believe its already September?! This is crazy! Pretty soon I will be complaining about mud, rain, and how dark it is. Winter time in pony world is not fun, especially in good ole Oregon!

I am already ready to shave ponys hair off. Its so thick already and he sweats so much. But I learned last year that if I do it too early then I will just end up doing it again 3 weeks later. And as most, it is not my favorite activity to do!

I have one week left before I leave for Nashville for a little vacation with my dad and step sister. We get to spend a week at a hotel right on the main strip by Tootsies (to bad im not 21 yet!) and Bridgestone Arena where Blake Shelton, Jana Kramer, and Easton Corbin are playing the night we arrive (and we will hopefully be there!)! I went last year and loved it. Cant wait to be back!

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