2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 21, 2014

Back to normal and just in time

Let just say that our rides this week have been less than stellar and has had me just a little worried about this weekend. And when I say less than stellar I mean the worst rides we have potentially ever had and all in a row. I was beyond frustrated and was at a loss as to why all the sudden we were having so many issues doing basically anything. Some friends asked if maybe he was hurting but he didnt feel different and was happy to go on a stroll down the road but after train wreck ride #3 I started to question things. I even stuck him on the longe line just to make sure and he was totally fine, ears perked and doing his normal pokey I dont want to move act. On that note I decided to just have a nice easy and relaxed bareback ride yesterday as I was really not feeling up to really riding and obviously I needed to change something (and soon) that I was doing.

This morning I headed to the Expo with Alanna and some more friends to hang out! We did some shopping (the sales are getting pretty lame there but I picked up a new dressage whip, some bit wipes, and some boot polish for my new tall boots) and some watching, it was super fun! If anyone ever has a chance to go watch Chris Cox, DO IT! We saw him here last year also and no matter what discipline you ride he is super fun to watch and you really see results in just a short amount of time. I could never do what he does as he deals with some pretty crazy people (and their just as crazy horses). Along with showing dramatic results he is also super hilarious. He is one cowboy I would put on any of my horses!

After going to the Expo (and work... ewww) I headed out to ride Pony, praying all the way there that we would have a decent ride. And... we finally did! Although he is a really good boy, he definitely knows when I am frustrated and then he tries to throw all of his new found dance moves at me at once which is even more frustrating! It is something I need to work on and be mindful of but sometimes I forget that because rarely do we ever have rides like we were having. Underneath his fat boy exterior he is just a big sensitive teddy bear :) I am excited to hear what Dolly has to say about us on Sunday. Then early Monday morning I am off for a family spring break trip and his Auntie Alanna will take the reins for a few rides while I am gone!

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