2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Temperament over talent

I was just feeling extremely thankful tonight (actually it is every night!) for Pony and how honest and consistent he is. I never have to worry about that cooler on the chair in the corner of the arena that wasnt there yesterday, or the discolored spot on the wall, or even the dogs running around the corner across the side with only a half wall. Every ride I know what to expect from the minute I take him out of his stall. And let me tell you that Pony has been on fire recently! He feels amazing and continues to feel better and better everyday. It really is amazing how much good training can do to a horses gaits. The difference between his movement when I am riding bareback/bridleless versus doing dressage is amazing.

I got my tall boots in the mail today and I love them! Even with the tall height they are still too short but nothing less than custom boots would fix that. I rode in them tonight and really liked them. Now Pony and I are all outfitted and ready to hit the centerline. I am SO excited for show season to start and we are starting it with a few weekend shows in a row. I just found out tonight that we got a team together for the ODS Adult Team show which will be a total blast! Talk about a tired pony!

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