2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just what we needed!

Mystic pony was super pony tonight! Teacher Mary hoped on him and rode him for the first part which was much needed. I love watching him go with her, they look so good together! Whenever I see her ride him I always think to myself "what a fancy little pony I have". So true.

We got some great work at the end and even some nice leg yields which is huge for us! I really need to ride him better this show. He definitely carried me through the last one. This time Alanna isnt riding so I can make her watch me and yell at me as a fill in for our Teacher Mary (Alanna doesnt know this yet.. hehe). I really need to focus on my position: sitting up tall and turning my whole body to the inside not just my shoulders. So it is crack down week but I feel much better about it after our lesson. I cannot wait to see how we score under a tougher judge especially with all the time off between the last show and this one. There will be many pictures im sure since he has his own little fan club coming to watch :)

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