2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, April 29, 2012


The sun came out today and Sky had a MUCH needed spa day. First I chopped off her gross wanna-be-western pony mane that is super duper thick. Then I started pulling it! I really hate pulling manes and has quite enjoyed the luxury of not even needing to pull a mane since having Mystic. At least his mane management is more fun! I did have to twitch her for it because she really doesnt like me yanking her hair out but I dont really blame her. I didnt completely finish her but she looks much better, it will take a couple pulling sessions for how thick it is. She then got a bath and her tail got worked on also. She has the weirdest tail... it is never nice and soft no matter what you do to it. It gets gross super fast and is all hard and gross and dry. We will see how it lasts after a good shampoo and conditioning. She also got her bridle path done too. She looks so much better! Now if only it will last...

 I know I already posted this picture but it shows her mane then. She looks much more sport horsey with her new hair cut (will get pics asap!)

I am heading over the the arena across our street in a little bit to lunge her and then hop on her! There will be no pictures as my mom took the camera to her dog show today :/

Tonight im heading up to see my wonderful black and white pony! I am going to try to get Alanna to get some video for us tonight so we can show you all how good he is at his bridleless and maybe even a little bowing we have going on :)

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