2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Almost Time

We are now officially one week away from having the first day, of our first recognized dressage show, under our belt! I am getting very excited for it and cant wait to see what the judges think of us. I am trying not to get my hopes up but when I see other horses scoring really well with not so correct looking work (to me at least... I guess I could be all wrong!) I thank God that Mary is helping us get correct work instead of faking it, which we might still do sometimes but try not to! It may not be easy now but when we are ready to move up to 3rd it would bite us in the butt! Seeing other horses tests and scores makes me feel a lot better about where we are at and definitely encourages me. It may be my super competitive side coming out but everyone that knows me knows how much I like to win. Not to mention Pony has spoiled me rotten by winning majority of his tests. I honestly think we have gotten like 3 second places, either behind our trainer or another trainer who is also our friend, and have won the rest. We have also only scored below a 65 % very rarely and over 70 % several times. Yes, I have been very spoiled :)

We have had several really nice rides this last week. Yesterday we had a relaxed bareback ride to break up a few hard dressage rides before getting back into work today. We have a lesson on Monday, then will do a light ride Tuesday, dressage Wednesday, bath on Thursday, and hauling up on Friday morning!

Tomorrow after we ride I will get back to work on his hind feather and pee stains. I also still need to go over my tests. I havent looked at them at all and my memory is awful. I have ridden both 1st-2 and 1st-3 but it has been over a year and I dont remember them in full. Although I have never ridden 2nd-1 I watched Mary ride it with Pony last year and have the gist of it also. I just need to print them off and learn them really well so I dont do something stupid like going off test on a 1st level test haha! YAY for the start of our 2014 show season!

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