2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Ready

Monday we had an awesome pre show lesson where we got some seriously fun collected canter going on. He may not be the most amazing mover ever but dressage has seriously improved his gaits, especially his canter! We know that our trot lengthenings/mediums are going to be low scores but as long as I give him a good ride he is pretty solid in everything else. Trot lenthenings have always been our weak point and although we have improved them for some reason I am not great at setting him up for them or riding them. Sometimes I can get good ones, for him, and sometimes it looks like a train wreck. I have a bad habit of getting into my test and just being a passenger but I think with Mary being there with us this weekend it will help!

He got a nice pre washing yesterday and today and depending on how he looks tomorrow will get more touch ups while at DevonWood. We are hauling up tomorrow early afternoon but dont show at all until Saturday so we will be able to go school in the arenas and do some clean up work on him should he need it. Then Saturday we get to ride both our first level tests in the beautiful indoor arena and Sunday we get to debut at 2nd level in the seriously gorgeous big outdoor arena (one of the 5 outdoor arenas!). I am hoping there is a videographer there and will get all my rides taped. Alanna is coming up Saturday armed with her camera so I am sure we will get gorgeous pictures too :) This weekend is what I have been waiting to do for years and years! Go Team Pony!

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  1. Have great rides; I'll be there in spirit cheering you on!