2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vacation Hangover

I definitely have a bad case of a vacation hangover and havent quite gotten back into the swing of things but I am getting there. We didnt get home until 1 30 am on Sunday morning but I still managed to pull myself out to the barn the next day to take Pony for a spin. He really wanted to be really heavy but by the end we got some nice work and called it a day. With the new term starting on Monday and me not catching up on my sleep enough I headed home after work on Monday and didnt get a ride in. I figure it isnt bad for him to have a few days getting back into the swing of things with me since we are now officially in buckle down mode until DevonWood in the Spring which is next weekend (SO excited!)!

His best beggar face after his ride

Tonight I got in another ride (after getting trampled in the pasture while trying to catch my horse by another stupid gelding) but it wasnt anything super hard. Alanna ended up bringing baby Emi up to the barn because Roz is a little off so we just did a quick walk/trot/canter getting him moving off my legs and not being heavy in the bridle before we took Emi over for some ponying trot work. Both the ponies were good and Emis trotting by us improved a lot by the end, yay for baby ponies :) It is really nice to have Mystic for all of these baby sitting duties! He is really good and even if she would get a little excite or run in to his butt he just kept trucking forward (probably wondering why his mom makes him do all this crazy stuff ha). I love this boy!

Tomorrow we are back to real dressagin :)

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  1. Ahhh good boy Mystic!! Having a babysitter is awesome!