2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Patiently waiting

Is anyone else this excited and ready for summer/show season?! On one hand it feels like the months are flying by and on the other it feels like May is so far away.

Mystic is continuing to work super well! He is very sensitive to changes in weather so I have noticed him sweating more and taking longer to cool out with the warmer weather. Hopefully as we get back to jumping and in better all around condition it won't be so noticeable. He still works super well he just gets hot fast. The downside of a thick and hairy horse ;) 

This weekend both Mystic and Mylo get a lesson with our favorite dressage trainer. She usually comes once a month but the weekends that worked for Feb and March happen to be back to back so we will get 2 lessons in a row which will be super helpful. Then the last weekend of March Pony and I are going to a Jessica Wisdom clinic for 2 days which will be super fun! We have only ridden with her one weekend in May last year but it was very helpful and encouraging.
I am super excited to get more lessons and once I find Pony a new jump saddle (in progress!) we are also going to begin some jump lessons! The last time I had consistent jump lessons I was in Pony Club a solid 12 years ago. 

Slowly, but surely, my boys are getting ready to take the eventing world by storm together :) Everyone will want a jumping Gypsy after this season!
       Someone had a little fun outside


  1. I am I am!!! I've already got at least three shows picked out and I'm riding in a clinic in just over a week :)

    You're boys are gorgeous!

  2. That last photo, haha! I didn't know your boys were ever dirty.