2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach Boys

Yesterday my mom, Alanna, and I took our two ponies and three of our puppies over to the beach for a couple hours. Everyone loved it! The weather was perfect, the horses were great, and the dogs loved chasing the tennis ball into the water! Mystic was such a good boy. Even when he was a little scared at times he was still willing to do whatever I asked him to do. He was not a huge fan of the waves coming and crashing below him he got better towards the end. And he was totally game for going in any of the more still water and didnt hesitate at all, which is the big thing for me. If he will go in still water like what would be on a XC course then I am perfectly happy with that!

Mystic has a very busy next month. Starting 3 weeks ago we went xc schooling, then we had the dressage show, and yesterday we went to the beach. Now this weekend he gets to stay home but then he is off to a dressage show, the state fair, xc schooling, and then a derby at Lake Oswego! He is one busy boy!

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