2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perfect pony doesnt always equal the perfect prize

I am 100000000 times proud of Mystic from the last two days. Every minute from the hours spent in the wash rack getting cleaned up to loading in the trailer to showing at the fair he was perfect. He never acted like the huge 4 horse ginormous carts were going to eat him or that the tens of hundred of people watching were going to jump over the rail and scare him. From warming up in the arena with rearing and naughty horses he kept his cool and kept focused on the work I was asking him to do. I honestly could not have asked for more out of him. Sadly, the judge didn't always agree. She was very scattered in her placing for every class. You would have the same horses in 3 different classes and she would place them completely different each time with basically the same performances from each horse. So although that was frustrating he was a start and came home with many pretty ribbons still. When he was tired he kept going when I asked him to and still performed how he knows how to. He got many very nice compliments from lots of people. I also met a dressage trainer that was there with a gypsy so we got to talk a little bit. It is nice to see other dressage gypsys out there!
I may not have left with the most blue ribbons but I left with the most amazing Gypsy ever :)

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