2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, August 25, 2011

State Fair Preperation!

The state fair is fast approaching us! I really haven't done much of anything to get ready, whoops! As you can tell im super concerned about it... haha. I did start washing him because his feather and bottom of his tail are getting kind of dirt stained from being out on the pasture. Im not too worried because I dont think we will win our halter classes because his feather isnt the best from being out all the time. But I would rather have a happy horse then an unhappy one with lots of hair! The riding classes, however, will be another story! He is going to rock those. I am doing western classes with him even though I havent ridden him western since OHSET but why not do it? Might as well I think.
I have been getting frustrated riding him recently. I feel like I cant ever make any progress outside of our lessons and I dont know why. I just cant get anything that we work out in the lesson the next day, its like we walk out of the arena and it all escapes both of us. Its like buttons that we are installing are there one day then I cant get it to save my life the next. Im really thinking about maybe just doing a lesson every week because clearly I need it.
I also am starting to look at boarding places. I am just sub-leasing the stall he is in now and the person I am leasing it from is getting another horse sometime soon which would kick him out. So unless another horse leaves Mystic will have to move come October. I am not looking forward to it and this is the most ideal situation for him but we will live :) The problem is there are very few places that seem like a place I would leave him so I am going to have to travel a lot further. I looked at one today but it was a bust. I am going to look at one on Tuesday that seems promising but is on the opposite side of town. We will see, what happens is meant to be I guess

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  1. First of all...There is NO guarantee I will need my stall back for October. At this point I still really need to sell Roxanne. As far as lessons go I always get better work in my lessons than outside them. There is just something about having Mary's voice inside your head that really helps. :) Don't beat yourself up over will all come! Love you!