2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skies the Plan

I finally got some decent action shots and video of Sky yesterday. I still need to get better video but its a start at least. She was really good and didnt freak out about me getting her to go, even when we were done or I was switching cameras she would come over to me to get some cookies :) She has also been better about her back legs. Now that I said it she will probably get worse again lol I am leaving for camping tonight (if I can get packed and ready with having to go into work early) so she will just be chilling all weekend but I hope to start working her next week so I can get her sold. She is a super nice mare to look at and her personality is great (except when she tried to kick me!), if she was a he I would be more tempted to keep her. But I already have my 'one and only' that will never go anywhere and is far exceeding my expectations of him so we are going to take what he is giving us and running with it to see how far we can get in both dressage and eventing! Anyways, here are the pictures and video!
Im still kind of questioning her soundness... its be no means bad or super noticeable. In fact im having a hard time telling if she is off or not. She seems fine then she maybe looks a little funny and I just cant tell! Take a look

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