2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Didnt realize how fancy we are!

Its always fun watching someone that knows how to ride, ride your horse! Today I finally got another lesson, long over due but because of my school schedule had to wait until both of us were free on a weekend. Mary hoped on him for the first 20 minutes or so, it was so much fun to watch! I knew I had a fancy horse just because of his breed but he is even fancier then most vanners! He is a good mover and actually has gotten mcuh more uphill moving in the last few months. He really is quite the looker and will do super good this year. I was telling Alanna, who was there to tape my lesson, while Mary was riding that I am going to make her show him. She makes it look so easy and they looked SO good. One thing that really excited me was a super nice leg yield that he did for Mary!
We made good progress and are getting down to the root on some of our problems that mostly come from him being young and not knowing but also conformationally/breed based (then of course some of my bad habits didnt help!). He really likes to pop his right shoulder while tracking left which is contributing to our leg yielding, or lack there of. So I really need to work on lengthening the left side of his neck and contracting the right side so he isnt just popping his shoulder and running around on his forehand with his neck bent inside. Overall it was a great lesson and im so looking forward to showing him!

On another note he also go re body clipped today! He grew his winter coat back almost and was just a sweaty mess after our rides. I was having to walk him for over 20 minutes and still put his cooler on. So off his hair came today and he looks so much more handsome clean shaven :) Not to mention he is so soft!
here is a link to our lesson. My stupid computer wont let me edit my videos so here are two different parts, its most of my lesson but I just could edit it  :/ oh well, better than nothing!
Part 1- Lesson
Part 2- Lesson

Clean shaven! Excuse the mane, it had just endured a 45 minute lesson!

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