2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just keeps getting better!

Mystic got his first personal lesson with our trainer last night! I think I said before that due to scheduling conflicts with this term I cant do my Wednesday lessons (super sad about this..) but our trainer agreed to ride him on my lesson weeks instead! I so wish I could watch as I fee like I could learn a lot, not to mention watching someone ride your horse that knows what they are doing is fun too!
Anyways I got the text last night that he was good... but very tired by the end :) Oh poor pony, he cant get away with things with teacher Mary! I cant wait to hop on his today and see how he feels. I am super over due on pictures of him under saddle but I usually ride alone and we normally dont take pictures on just rides at home. Hopefully I will get some within the next week though. I would love to see how he looks!
On another note.... I guess he bit someone yesterday while she was feeding him lunch! Uh oh! I wasnt there and didnt talk to the boarder but Alanna texted me last night and said she left a note on the board about it. He has been getting more mouthy then he was but I think it is due to him being stuck inside because of his mouth (he was supposed to start going outside again this week but all horses have been in because of the flooding). I dont let him get away with it but he has never done it in a mean way, just trying to be playful. He hasnt ever done it when I feed him or anything so im not really sure what happened. I cant wait till he goes outside again. He will be much happier all the way around!

Ok so I had to post this too because this is complete boloney! I found it on some forum...
" If you are looking for a dressage baby, stay away from the Gypsy Vanners. Yes, they have the size and color you are looking for, and a great personality, but they are bred to pull, generations of pulling does not make a great dressage horse. I know because I have a half Percheron who is a lovely mare but I spent her life squeezing every possible dressage possibility out of her. I learned a ton but there were so many times I wished I had a TB or something more suited to being a riding horse and less of a working horse. We were able to do some fun stuff but she never had a lengthening or a stretchy circle to speak of, just not her forte"

I mean obviously if your looking for an upper level prospect no I wouldnt choose a vanner but there is no saying that if you get a warmblood you will for sure reach those levels either. Clearly this person didnt have the right horse personality/temperament wise to do dressage because drafts CAN do it! Especially a half draft, I mean come on people..

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