2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making a schedule

 I really need to sit down and set a schedule on what days to haul Sky across the road to the arena, I really need to start bringing her back! Im kind of iffy about the whole thing because do like her and am afraid that if I get her going I wont want to sell her... I guess I need to work on the whole self control thing, one thing that doesnt run in my family!
Anways I hauled her over this morning and just let her loose to do some "free lunging". She is SO out of shape and SO under muscled from being locked up for the better part of 4 months or more now because of her hip. Its so sad. I went back and watched some of her races online to see how her hind end looked before just to make sure there was hope, luckily there is. Im sure it will just be a long process to get her all filled out again. On a good note she is loading a hauling super good. She always has loaded decently (as in maybe not going in right away but very easily gotten in after a first look) but never have I been able to just send her in from outside the trailer like I did today. She also gets super impatient in the trailer, mostly when she has her head out and she is waiting. She has gotten much better about that too and isnt such a tweaker while in there! After our 20 minutes of 'working' she was already breathing hard. This is with tons of walk breaks, sniffing other horses poop, smelling the mounting block, looking at the scenery outside, etc. Poor thing is just so out of shape. When we were all done I just decided to hop on her bareback and walk her out. Only thing was I dont have reins on her bridle because I lunge her with it on and reins just get in the way. Being me I said "oh well worst she will do is take off" so I climbed on up and walked her around bareback and reinless! She was great, even started understanding steering off my legs. Obviously we didnt always go where I hoped we were going to go but over all she did good! And I survived! A good day all around!
Is anyone home??

Nice big trot!

One of her "im tired" moments!

Stupid or brave? Not really sure but she was great!

givin some loves

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