2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, January 18, 2013

I love great deals!!

I mean who doesnt! I am apart of a FB group called NW Horse Classifieds, mostly for sport horse type people looking to sell horses, tacks, etc. A lady posted an ad for some blankets she was selling earlier this week and I inquired about them. She had a 80 Rambo waterproof rain sheet that has shrunk in the dryer a little so no longer fit her horse. The pictures looked good and the pony needed a new one (his other one still works but has a small rip on his butt from another horse so his bottom gets a little wet) for this spring anyways. I mean for 20 bucks how can you say no? So I arranged to meet her to pick it up. She then mentioned that she had some bits and girths for sale if I was interested. Well perfect! I have been needing to get him a new bit but wanted a specific one and in a big abnormal size (6 inch). Low and behold she had one. Today I met her to pick up our loot. I got the bit and the blanket for a whooping $45. Now that is good shopping!
New bit!

New blanket!

As you can see in the pictures his mane was a wreck so I spend some time before my ride redoing it. I am going to try to keep it up and wrapped mostly with occasional day or 2 breaks with it in a running braid. Basically not just braided like I have been. I decided that if its just going to keep growing I should probably keep it off the ground! Not to mention it keeps it up cleaner when it is braided and wrapped up.
Getting his hair done

Just before our ride. All decked out in his red!

The cutest face EVER

We had a great ride! I think the bit made a difference as he warmed up much softer and less resistant then with the other one. Its not like he went around bad at all with the other one but he seemed to like this one more. He was licking and chewing quite frequently and was even more consistent in the contact, especially at the canter. Who know... maybe I am just making it up but if it could help then we will go with it!

Just after our ride. A happy boy!

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  1. His main is soooo gorgeous, i love long manes they are just so stunning. you got a really good deal there!