2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, January 4, 2013


Yup. The pony is obsessed with sugar cubes! He absolutely loves them.
See? First the head twist and the lip..

Then the tongue!

Sporting his man shirt :)

His tai. It is definitely growing... just not as fast as I would like!

I have been starting to really think of what I want to do for the All Breed Challenge.  For those that are not familiar with it, it is split into different rounds. The first two rounds are patterns/courses given to us. They can consist of any element from any disciplines. For example last year they had to go over a bridge, leg yield, do a haunch/forehand turn, go over a small fence, drag something, etc. Hopefully we will make it to the second round! Then from there the top 4 scoring horse/rider pairs in round two advance to the finals. Not only do those 4 make it into the finals but also a fan favorite! So we are hoping that if we have some bobbles in the 2nd round we can count on the fans to get us through! Then in the final round we, as the riders, get to come up with a musical freestyle. We can basically do whatever we want within 3-4 minutes with props (to some extent). I know that I want to incorporate bridleless stuff but im just not how much yet. I think I will have to make 2 different routines depending on how he handles the situation. The arena is big, there are banners hanging on the panels, all below the stands that will be pretty full with loud people. I dont anticipate there being any major problems but its always good to have a back up just in case!

Hopefully I will have some more put together ideas to share soon to see what yall think!

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  1. I like blog's new look!
    P.s. tell Mystic that only a true man wears pink , & he pulls it off beautifully ;)