2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, January 11, 2013

We all have our off days...

Yup and that was us yesterday! A very strange ride to say the least. He was VERY heavy on my right rein again and not so responsive to my leg. Normally we can work our way through it and have a nice end to our ride. Yesterday not so much! After I got some decent work I just stopped as I knew we were not getting much more then that. The barn owner was right outside the arena working on his cute little cabin and the pony was being a turd about the tape measure snapping around. We did enjoy a nice walk down the road though!

I confirmed a Monday lesson and am even having her ride him for it. Im super excited to hear what she has to say about him this time as she has not been on him for awhile and I think he has improved a lot since then. She can also ride him better :)

Tonight I am going to do some bridleless fun with him. I figure we both need a day break of work after our ride yesterday. Plus the expo is just two months away! We need to get to work!

Update: The pony and I had a fun ride tonight! He never fails to make me smile just by seeing his adorable pony face meet me at the front of the stall :)
I also re started Rose (my training horse) blog. You can see it here: Roses Blog
I will hopefully get some new pictures up of her on Monday. She is looking even better!

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