2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

See we do work hard sometimes!

Although the pony gave me a rougher ride tonight we did get some solid work in towards the end. He came out really heavy and probably resembled something like a giraffe with a short fat neck haha! Okay maybe not that bad but it felt gross. About 25 minutes into our ride we mostly got our rhythm back. Its amazing to think that this time last year we were really struggling with our leg yields and now they are so much easier for us. We are starting to string things together such as leg yielding from the centerline to the wall into a shoulder in. So having solid leg yields really help since our shoulder in leaves much room for improvement at this point! Im hoping for a lesson on Monday (as long as our teacher can be there!) but instead of my riding im hoping to get her to ride him for the lesson. I will hopefully be able to get some video. Its amazing the difference I can see and feel after she has ridden him, and its been awhile since she has gotten on him.

On another note my training class again! I was surprised at how much I missed my training horse and how much I was looking forward to it. We started back up on Monday where we mostly were just getting the feel for our horses again. Since our last day of class last term the horses have had very little handling and NO training. The only thing they have done is being led to and from their field. I was very happy with how to she came out! She was very respectful (I was told she ran a few people over coming out of the gate throughout the break) and remembered everything from last term. She was definitely more uppity then normal but that was to be expected. Since she was so good we got to throw the saddle on her and round pen her a little also. She was great. Then today I got to ride her! I was worried she might regress since we only have 1 ride out of the round pen prior to us leaving but she really didnt. She was unsure when I first got on her but I just pushed her forward and she was fine. We got to ride out of the round pen with the other horses. She is pretty solid walk/trot/whoa/back. Obviously there is a lot to be improved within those gaits but I actually feel like we could go do a intro test tomorrow and do decently. Im excited to see what this term has in store for us, she is really growing on me! It doesnt help that she is like 16.2-.3 hands and a solid 1400 lbs or so. I fit her so well! I just keep telling myself I dont need another horse, I dont need another horse, I dont need another horse!

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  1. keep telling urself you might not need one but you might want one ;) there is a difference :P

    Glad your having a good time look forward to hearing more about it :)