2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunny days

Yes the days that are far and few between this time of year in our area. Luckily today we got one! It was beautiful! The sun was out and we got a break from all the below freezing weather we have had and actually got to go on a nice walking ride outside with just a sweatshirt and light breeches without being cold.
Love going out to this face everyday :)
We enjoyed a nice 20 minute walk around the property with Alanna and Chevy before heading to the arena for some real work. I cant say how nice it is to have a horse that can walk on the buckle outside, on the road, etc with no issues. Makes for a nice relaxing stress relieving ride! Then we went to work and had a great ride. March (Dressage for the Ages show) is coming up fast so we have 2 months to be second level (test 1) show ready. It seems unattainable right now and that there is no way but im sure it will all work out. I remember last year this time feeling the same way about first level and it turned out just fine! I am definitely not as worried about how it will all turn out as I was last year. I figure we will either be ready or not. And if not we will just wait till we are. It is just a league show so even if some of it is still a bit hard for us it will be a good test to show us where we are and the key areas we need to work on. I am much more confident in us then I was a year ago!

Getting his hair done and getting impatient about it all! After all he had hay waiting for him!

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  1. I love the picture, we know how impatient our horses get when hay is waiting for them, I am sure that the test will go well