2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Tradition!

Alanna and I continued our Christmas Eve tradition today and took our boys out on a trail ride! She actually invited Rozzys kid (girl that is leasing him) so Erin rode him and I, of course, was on my mane man Mystic. Alanna.... well she got to walk :) We headed out at around 10 and it was gorgeous outside! Sunny and not that cold. The cold part did change throughout the ride though and by the time we got back I couldnt feel my fingers or my toes! We stayed out for almost 2 hours! The boys were super good. They even tolerated being all dressed up. Mystic sported his santa hat (that was said to resemble underwear), a red ribbon braided in his running braid, and a cute bow to tie off his forelock, he was quite adorable!
Our Mane Men! Rozzy and Mystic

Roz/Alanna and Mystic/Me

Out on the trail

Whoa... Mystic pony is ahead!

Mystic loves his Auntie Alanna!
The gangster hat look

He is so flippin cute!

Us minus Alanna
Rozzy with his two girls!

On another note... I was unable to take Sky over to the barn today but im really hoping to early next week! She is just enjoying her massive amounts of food and hanging out :)

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