2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on 2011

2011 wasnt such a kind year... yes we did have some great moments but over all it wasnt the best. Lets start back in January shall we!
This has been a hard month for our family the last few years and im not sure why! In 2011 a week after my birthday (always that week to) we lost 2 of our dogs Boomer (below) who was originally our foster dog that we had for about 6 months, he was going to be euthanized because he bit his owners boyfriend, who was my dog was attacked by my moms agility dog Magic. We believe that Magic (she was 11 years old) had been developing a possible brain tumor and possibly had a seizure and that Boomer went over to see what was going on and she thought that he was doing it, but we really have no idea for sure. Sadly Boomer was already gone when I got home and we had to have Magic put down because of it. It was a very hard day for both my mom and I. That same day ( just an hour after I found them) I had a basketball game against one of our biggest opponents and we lost...
Boomer, my 2 year old mini aussie
This was the mark of my first "show" with Mystic and my last OHSET season ever.
Shelby/Hallie, Me/Mystic, Katie/Sugar, and Alanna
I tried out for my high schools basketball team my senior year after not playing since 8th grade and made the varsity team! Against all odds we finished 2nd in our league (behind a team that ended up placing 2nd in state) and not only made it to the state tournament at Matt Knight Arena but finished 3rd place in the STATE! It was an amazing opportunity to be able to not only make the team after so much time off but being a starter, placing in state, and coming out of it with so many new friends. This is something I will never forget!
The team on Senior Night

Right after winning our game for 3rd place at state!
I also started working at my current job which is at a pre school/day care!

I qualified for state with Mystic in dressage and placed bronze in the whole district with my green been pony!
Waiting for dressage at OHSET
In may I headed over to my aunt and uncles house to compete at OHSET State Championships in dressage. Due to the out break earlier in the month Mystics barn was "shut down" to horses coming and/or leaving the property as a precaution. So Tolo, since he was the only horse at my house since leaving his bar, got put into work again after a little time off to head to state (yes we thought about the possible issues with him going but he wasnt staying on the property of the show and the chances of him contracting the disease was very low). We had a great time there and even with less than ideal warm up we placed 8th in state. Not a bad way to end my senior year!
He has deluxe accommodations with his own several acre pasture right next to some pretty Gypsys!

Tolo and I at our normal pit stop on the way to Bend!
I graduated high school!!
And... decided that it was time to part ways with my partner in crime of 4 years, Tolo. One of the hardest decisions I have had to make but knew that it was best for both of us.
When I rescued him

Us at Inavale schooling the XC course
July was full of events! It all started with Skies the Plan (or Sky) the first weekend of July. There were pictures posted of a group of TBs from the track headed to slaughter that were posted by some rescue friends of mine. Most of them had found homes except for two. A huge 7 year old bay mare with a possible hind end lameness from being cast in her stall (Sky), and a small 3 year old bay mare that was just too slow on the track (Pretty). Alanna and I being the suckers we are headed up just a few days after seeing their pictures and picked them up and boy has it been an adventure since then!
The picture that made me get her (I always seem to go for the skinny sad looking ones!)

Skies the Plan (my mare) and Pretty Line (Alannas mare)
I also found an amazing home for Tolo. He went to a lady looking to start getting into dressage and showing. She hadnt been riding too long but fell in love with him the day her trainer and her came to look. After hauling him up to Salem (where they live) to get him vetted we took him to their barn. I went and watched him at his first show with her and they won their first blue ribbon! I cant wait to see him this year at some shows, I sure do miss that guy!

Mystic and I also competed in our first dressage schooling show coming home with two blue ribbons! One from each class we entered, Training Level test 1 and test 2!

Mystic and I continued improving and even went went cross country schooling and to the beach for the first time! We ended the month by attending the State Fair Gypsy Show where he was a fan favorite (not so much the judges favorite but she couldnt make up her mind on anyone!) and got many compliments after our classes.
His state fair ribbons!
XC schooling! Look at those knees!
The Beach!! (Left to right) Top: Alanna/Roz and Me/Mystic Bottom: Magnum, Rugby, and Keyno
My dog Max also got knee surgery. We adopted him from the shelter when he was just 10 weeks old (now he is 7 years old) and at just 6 months old we discovered that he has severe hip dysplasia (spelling?). When he was 9 months old he had a full hip replacement on his left hind leg. Although both of his hips were bad the left was worse and the specialist told us that most dogs will be much better even if you just do one. He was great after that surgery but this year tore his knee on the same leg he had his previous surgery on so he didnt have any great leg to stand on. He is now recovered from his knee surgery and running around again! Although he does miss agility SO much and loves it when he is allowed to go through some tunnels and such at my moms classes.
Max in the car right after I picked him up!
Since losing my "dream dog" (Boomer) earlier in the year I was set on getting a mini/toy aussie puppy. And that I did! I figured while I was having to baby one dog I might as well get a puppy and have to go through potty training and such at the same time! So I ended up getting a little toy (closer to size of a mini though) aussie that I named Harley! He is such a character and I cannot wait to do agility with him! He is such a little speed demon!
I own the cutest darn animals!
Mystic and I competed in our first eventing derby at Lake Oswego Hunt.... and WON!! Yay Mystic pony!
Alanna/Roz/Erin and Mystic/Me!
I also began my first term of college!! I am happy to say that I have officially survived it also!

I put them all together because it was just easier :) Somethings lasted into other months etc. The biggest in probably that Sky was diagnosed with a fractured hip and came home from the boarding stable to be in a small paddock with a stall so she could still move but not too much.
Mystic also attempted suicide again and almost lost his whole bottom set of teeth! Luckily the vet got him all fixed up and he should be able to return to is pasture in January! YAY for no more stall rest! He has continued his training and is going to debut at first level in March! I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!
Heres to happy healthy horses in 2012!

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