2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lessons and Beauty Palors

Kind of an odd combination but its with two different horses!!
I had a great lesson with Mystic on Wednesday. We havent had one in over a month before it due to injuries and such so it was nice to start again! We worked a lot of getting him to carry himself and in return getting off his forehand more. Also talked about my position and how I turn my toes out (I think its a jumping thing? anyways Alanna and I had talked about us both doing it just the day before my lesson!). I knew I did it but didnt realize how freaking hard it is to fix it! Old habits truly are hard to break! Especially while riding! We did get some good trot work in and worked a lot on our down transitions from trot to walk and getting him to not fall into them. Let me tell you it is actually hard to ride! Mostly because I am out of shape and have chicken arms anyways but still! The best moment is when we were working on our leg yields (which seemed to improve after our balancing work of course!). We did a leg yield from the center line to the wall and went straight of our leg yield into a shoulder in that Mary (our trainer) said she would have given a 7. I mean a 7?! We have only worked on shoulder in one lesson before this one. Im SO happy with him!
Even though I got another taste of how much we still have to work on I always feel like it is very do able after our lessons. As long as all keeps going well we are hoping to debut at 1st level in March at our first league show! I CANNOT WAIT!!

When I first got her out after all day with her blanket off
Sky on the other hand (who has been quite attention neglected recently) had a little spa day. I had taken her blanket off this morning because it was actually sunny and she took the opportunity to completely cover herself in mud. Thanks Sky... So I got her out and brushed her up real good, combed her mane and tail (which is beyond disgusting and needs a serious intervention before it turns brown permanently), and trimmed both her mane and tail. She hates having her mane pulled and the only time I have had it nice is when we had to sedate her for the farrier so I used it to my advantage and pulled it. Since then it has grown a solid 6 inches and tripled in thickness! Tomorrow I am thinking about hauling her across the road to a barn I work at and seeing how she looks on the lunge line in the arena. Then I will clean her up even more and maybe get some decent pictures of her while it is light outside.

All brushed out with her long mane
And all chopped off!! And her annoyed face because she wanted dinner!

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