2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real man status

I went out and rode the pony today and he was awesome! I cant wait to get back to our lesson schedule. It seems like something has interfered with it for the last couple months and we dont have much more time to nail down first level before show season starts! He really has been constantly improving and I can really feel it every time I ride him! He was pretty forward at first which was really nice. By the end of our hour ride he was a little more relaxed but very light in the bridle and super responsive. We worked on our leg yields a little and hope that Mary sees improvement in our lesson on Wednesday! Hopefully I can get our lesson taped. Even though we havent had a lesson in a couple weeks I still feel like we have improved a lot since our last lesson that we taped so I figure it will still be nice to see how much better we have gotten!
He looks handsome in purple if you ask me :)

Wearing Tolos hand me downs!

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