2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Planned events for 2012

Alanna and I are  planning our 2012 show season and have come up with our dressage shows until June (when Championships are)! Excited is an extreme understatement. Although we have known each other for 5 years we have yet to have a full show season together. Yes we have both been to practically all of eachothers shows but we have only both had horses competing in like 3 shows in the past 5 years. Now that Alanna has gotten the OK to show a horse she has been riding at our barn and I have Mystic going we get to show TOGETHER! So yes my mood in one word is extremelyhappyexcitedcantwaititwillbesuperfun :) Alright so here is our list so far:
-Dressage for the Ages: March 10th
-Adult Team Dressage Competition: April 28th
-OSU Dressage Team Show: May ??
-ODS League Championships: June 2nd
-Mid Summer Nights Dream: July 29th
Then from there we will see what we do. Mainly we just wanted to make sure we have enough opportunities to qualify for championships and since this will be Mystics second summer showing and first time at First Level (and we are still working on our leg yields) and Rhythms first time showing (and him being spooky in general) I think we have our work cut out for us, but it is totally do able! Especially since a qualifying score is like a 55 %! My goal, besides qualifying in the first place, is to be consistently scoring in the 65 % range by the end of the season which is another do able goal I believe.
I plan to mostly focus on dressage for the first part of the season and then towards the end do some derbys/one days with him. I have thought about possibly doing a recognized 3 day at Caber in August but I havent really decided yet. Obviously it would be contingent on how he is jumping and how much I can get him out before it but the other aspect is age. By Caber he will be 5, but just barely 5 as in like 5 and a couple weeks. Any thoughts on if it would be to much to soon as far as age and what is being asked of him? I mean clearly I know that there are tons of horses out there that are competing training or higher by 6 but I would like him to be sound at an old age and dont want to over do it with him. I personally dont think that BN is anything to worry about because the course is rather short and the fences are low. Our biggest thing would be conditioning. I would have to condition him for probably at least 2 months and pretty hard to make sure that he would be ok. Its not like he is super out of shape now but once you throw in galloping and jumping it will be much tougher on him. This would be a huge change from when I conditioned Tolo. We jumped 2X a week and went up on the trails 1X a week for hill work and longer distances but not much different then what we normally would do and when we finished XC he could have gone 10 more times and been just fine. Im just going to play it day by day at this point and focus on getting to ODS League Championships. I will take him to Inavales one day as long as the weather clears up and I can jump him before hand (we are not allowed to jump in our indoor, only outside after the hay is off the field, so by then he wont have jumped since November). Usually they have 2 days, 2 separate shows, so I could do intro on the first day and BN on the second if he is jumping well. I would REALLY love to compete in a 3 day, and actually get a score, but if we are not ready then I will just have to hold my horses another year! Its not like I havent waited long enough already!

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