2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Im a major slacker

Yup... thats me. The combination or school (finals are next week), work, the weather, me being sick, and my injury prone horses I havent been riding much. I did ride Mystic on Thursday and he was pretty good considering but I always feel like we lose a lot on our breaks, which we do, even though I know it will all come back! It hard to get motivated when it is freezing cold and you have no one to ride with! Now that school is almost out for the month, I have finals Monday-Wednesday then im done, I really need to kick it in gear and start riding again. Both for him and me! I am just as out of riding shape as he is! When I rode on Thursday I kept having major cough attacks (lucky me... im sick again) and it made it a not real enjoyable evening. So today I am just going to lunge him. But he also needs his hair done again and im sure he would love a roll in the arena also. I will try to get more pictures of the boy today :)

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