2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ready to be back

I am SO ready to be back and riding my pony! Now that school is out for a month and he is healing nicely and can still be ridden while he is healing it is the perfect ending to the year! Its crazy to think how much I miss him even just not going to see him one day. Horses truely are apart of our major highs and major lows. I wouldnt trade them for anything, because even thought the major lows can really make me feel down in the dumps... if I didnt have to deal with them I wouldnt get all the good times either. I cannot wait to start showing again next year! I went and found some dressage shows (eventing ones are not up yet, the schooling shows at least) that I am  hoping to go to along with League Championships, I just dont know the date yet. Hopefully we can qualify at first level. Our leg yields have gotten better since his auntie Mary schooling day so hopefully we can keep it up! Now that we are back to normal we can get back to our much needed lessons also. He really is coming along nicely. Even after weeks off he comes back to work like normal, maybe just a little more forward but who am I to complain about that?!
He makes that look good :)
Having fun after being cooped up with no work for too long
Sadly his arena privileges got revoked after he kicked and broke a mirror..

On another note... I have found a stallion that I want a foal out of one day. Mystic will need a sibling someday :) He is GORGEOUS and actually does dressage (and well from what I have seen, not updated sadly..) which is hard to find in the Gypsy world, or seems to be hard at least. A bonus is he rare color, I wish they had video of him and more recent info on how he did this year but wow. He is gorgeous!

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