2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back in the swing of things

Finally I had a great ride yesterday where I actually felt like I knew how to ride! Pony was on fire and we got some really nice work (perfect timing since it was my birthday!). And there were foamy green lips involved by the end (him not me haha) which is really hard to get with him. We even played a little with some collected canter, simple changes, and even got a few flying changes. We have slowly started doing more and more work and he is coming back really nicely. He is also officially back out in the big pasture and is loving it.

"Did you say COOKIES?!"

I also picked him up some new grain (actually my brother bought it for him how cute is that) that I was recommended to try by my vet. It is low in starch and sugar but high in protein. It is expensive ($30/bag) but they only get 1-2 pounds a day so it lasts all month. He is still getting his 1 flake soaked hay at night, now has his new grain, and I need to order him another grazing muzzle since his last one bit the dust. Operation make fat pony skinnier has begun!
Chub a lub no longer

Last night was my 21st birthday so needless to say he will get today off work :) He desperately needs his hair done so I may just go do that. It amazing how much being outside in the Oregon mud for a few days can ruin a guys hair!


  1. Yes, happy birthday and I'm glad Pony is coming back so well!

    Small favor to ask for those of us quite a bit older than 21 (ahem). Black type on a dark red background is hard to read; the lighter color type is much easier.

    1. Thank you! Yes I agree, it looks awful right now but I keep forgetting to fix it and am super indecisive :) I will change it soon!

  2. Happy birthday!

    Just curious, what brand of grain? I used to feed Triple Crown low starch which was pretty spendy, but switched to Equilux Wellness (also low starch) which is a lot cheaper and basically the same content. I'm always interested in what people are feeding :)

  3. Happy Birthday... Have fun and be safe!