2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spa Day!

Pony got a much needed partial spa day tonight! He was staying nice and clean (except for his pee stains... dont even get me started on those!) while on stall rest but once he was released from jail it of course decided to pour down rain for several days straight. That means the pastures, especially by the gate, got muddy which in turn gave me a nice brown horse instead of white. Not only does his feather get nasty but the bottom half of his tail does also. I know it will just get all nasty again tomorrow but the more often I can wash and condition it the nicer, and less stained, it will stay. It actually cleaned up pretty decently for how bad it all was!

He has been working really nicely the last few rides. A few things are harder for him to do but overall I think we are improving. That being said I am so ready for a lesson so I get some thoughts on how to work through some harder stuff and make sure everything else is going as it should be! I have noticed how some old bad habits have come back since coming back to riding (such as pulling with my left rein too much) so I have been working hard to be conscious about that. It is hard to make your body do everything opposite of what it wants to do! But I think I am doing a good job. One big thing I have noticed is how the knee rolls on my saddle are really starting to interfere with my leg position and how effective they are, especially with all the new buttons we are getting. My legs are SO long its ridiculous. To all you normal sized people out there, be thankful! I have never had a saddle that fit my legs perfectly, someday...

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