2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, January 27, 2014

The lessons we ride for

Although we never really have a 'bad' lesson, our lesson tonight was extra fabulous! It was our first one back after our month and a half unplanned vacation due to abscess issues and we both agreed that it was some of the best work we have ever gotten. I have felt that over the last week our work has been getting really nice and to me it seemed like we were making good forward progress but I never really know until I have someone knowledgeable on the ground telling me, especially with the newish stuff we have started working on.

We started off by trying on our trainers old dressage saddle to see how it fit Pony and it seems to fit really nicely and unlike my current saddle it sits nice and even on his back (mine tips forward). An even bigger bonus to it fitting Pony really well is that it fits my leg so, so much better. Pony definitely showed up to play tonight and gave me some awesome work! One key thing that I need to really be conscious of is really making sure I get him carrying himself instead of me holding, or trying to, him up with my reins. Once I get him carrying himself he uses his hind end much better and doesnt try to swing it around every which way. Although I have gotten much better I still have the tendency to want take up on the inside rein to 'fix' our issue, when I am really just making it worse. The really fun part about tonight was that I could really feel the differences in everything we worked on and could really tell when we had everything put together just right!

He got a big gold star from his favorite teacher and I am already looking forward to our next lesson in 2 weeks! I have been online looking up show entry dates and such. Maybe we will be able to squeeze in a recognized dressage show before Heart of the Valley in May? So excited to show Pony 2nd level this year!

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  1. It's crazy what the right saddle can do. Can't wait to see you to at shows this summer