2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, January 20, 2014

He is the cutest

I had a nice relaxed bareback ride on Pony this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day here with the sun out and everything, an amazing January day! We hopped on and walked around the hay field a couple times with some barn buddies before hitting the arena to do a little work (I stress the word little because we really didnt do much). We did do a cute flying change and it was pretty easy too!

Lola is one of my favorite mares ever, and just happens to be a gorgeous blanket appy that has an amazing tail (for any horse let alone an appy!), and is a fellow boarder at NDF with us. Her mom and I ride together a lot and generally keep the barn fun and a little crazy haha. Anyways, we want to do a pas de duex this year together! Talk about a flashy pair. They may not match very well but they sure will catch the eye of a lot of people! We will see if we get around to doing one but I have always thought it would be fun. Not to mention we could have some pretty good music!

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