2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Since there is nothing new...

Since we are still in our beginning stages of getting Pony sound again I stole this from Karley at All In!

1: If your horse could talk what would they say? What would they be like?

He would be that pushover husband that doesnt really agree or want to do a lot of the stuff but does it just to keep the peace. He was definitely be the fat kid that only likes a select few people and generally rolls his eyes at all the stupid stuff people do haha

2: If you were a horse, what would you look like (color, markings, etc), what discipline would you do, and what would you be like to ride?

I would be a huge chromed out Warmblood that really stands out in a crowd (afterall I am 6' tall myself and get starred at all the time!). I would be a really competitive eventer (at prelim and below, I mean who needs to be an over achiever!) for the right person but personally I would not want to own me in horse form!

3: How many barns have you ridden at?

In my life? Im not sure, like 8 or 9?

4: What kind of bay do you prefer? (bright bay, blood bay, etc)

Dark bay all the way! Not the biggest fan of bright bays

5: Can you braid a horse's mane? Tail?

My braiding skills are getting pretty advanced... but I would never braid a horse for the hunter show.

6: Do you believe that you have to fall off in order to be a good rider? If you never fall off im not sure how you are having fun! I fall off mainly doing stupid stuff these days

7: What do you think is more important: eq or effective riding?
Effective riding. It would be really hard to have awful equitation if you are being effecting.

8: Are there any "horse couples" at your barn?

Barn owners... but the husband doesnt ride, just does chores. 

9: Favorite treat to feed your horse?Whatever he wants :)

10: Silly quirks your horse has. 

Ummm.... he unties himself? 

11: Strangest thing you've fed your horse.I dont know. I offer him anything that I am eating. 

12: Have you ever made any horse friends through the internet?
Yes especially "met" a lot of people when I was more into the feedlot rescues

13: Would you buy horse furniture?
Not sure. I wouldnt deck my whole house out in horse stuff but I would totally make a little girls room horsey

14: Funniest horsey moment

Too many. Like I said earlier, I do a lot of stupid stuff!

15: Post a picture of your horse (or any horse) making a silly face that you got on camera!

When I taught Tolo to smile!
16: What's a moment with horses that you wished you caught on camera?
Also too many to name. I have gotten pretty lucky with some moments with Alanna and her horses. I usually leave it up to her to entertain me.

17: How old was the youngest horse you've met?

I have seen a few births including Apollo (who I was originally going to get over Mystic). Loved this guy! He was actually born over a month premature and wasnt expected to live. He got tons of plasma within the first 3 days and ended up making it without any further issues! My cousins and I got to name him
The first two are when he was about 2 years old. I cant find the baby pictures of him and I :(

Apollos sire Sligo! He was my first Gypsy love and was an amazing stallion. Ignore me in the picture (did I really ride like that?!) but I was 14 or 15. Some of my best memories were of cantering him on the BLM trails behind their house. Sadly he was sold and had to be euthanized not long due to breaking a leg during breeding. Although I loved him he was a bit of a rapist when it came to breeding and was hard to manage, especially with other stallions present. Unlike Pride (Mystics daddy), who is a perfect gentlemen with everyone, Sligo was known for getting out of even the super tall no climb stallion fencing.

18: How old was the oldest horse you've met?
Mid 20s?

19: Opinion on colorful tack? (like red or blue)
Saddle pads, polos, browbands? YES!

20: Have you ever tried horse treats? Hay? 

Im sure as a kid. Afterall I basically lived at the barn with my best friend (whos parents owned it) from like 5-10 aka: when you do stupid stuff.

21: Have you ever felt like giving up on a horse?

More like realized he wasnt going to do what I wanted to do. He wasnt a bad horse at all just wasnt interested in playing the game of eventing. I have never wanted to give up on one due to naughtyness or anything (thankfully!)

22: Tell the story about the horse that you first felt "click" immediately with you (and if you can't remember, most recent)
I havent ever felt an instant thing but more like a bond overtime.

23: Ever ridden side-saddle? How was it?
No, not unless you count riding one sitting sideways while bareback, and never plan to.

24: Most interesting place you've ridden at
I rode Tolo across the highway and through a drive through ice cream place :)

25: What kind of horse do you like? (sport, stock, endurance, etc)

Sport horse for sure!

26: Do you feel like you have more patience with horses than people?

I actually dont have much patience but it all depends on the situation

27: Is the horse you ride very vocal?
No and I HATE horses that scream all the time. Like to the point that I would sell the most amazing horse ever if it screamed at shows/away from friends/pretty much any time.

28: Ever ridden in the sunset?

29: How do you like a horse's mane? (roached, pulled, long, etc)
It completely depends. I think Mystic would look awful with a short pulled mane but I think lots of horses look awful with a long mane. Basically any TB/sport horse I get its mane is pulled and short. But I thoroughly enjoy not having to pull Mystics!

30: What is your dream name for a horse? 
Honestly have no idea. There are a ton of really cute names.


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  2. Haha. So glad you have been around to capture my crazy moments!